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Being injured or having a loved one injured in an accident can be a traumatic and confusing situation.  From the insurance company not leaving you alone to having to deal with getting your injuries fully diagnosed and treated, the less you have to worry about, the more you or your loved one can focus on getting healthier.

Our experienced personal injury law firm will help you deal with the insurance companies and put your mind at ease that you or your loved one will get the best care available.

Do not delay in contacting an experienced personal injury attorney because the insurance companies will take advantage of any statutory deadlines you may have missed that would limit or even bar your claim completely.

Car Accidents

Regardless of whether you were injured as a result of a fender bender or a catastrophic crash, we can help you deal with the insurance company.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Brain and spinal cord injuries are typically the most debilitating injuries that someone can suffer as a result of an accident.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a claim for an individual’s untimely and unnecessary death because of the negligence of an at fault party.



When you are injured by an at-fault party, you will ultimately have to deal with the party’s liability insurance company, and sometimes even your own.

Contrary to what they may leave you to believe, insurance companies – even your own – DO NOT have your best interests at heart.  It is not in their best financial interests to reasonably compensate you for your injuries, as they are required under Colorado law.

The insurance companies make their profits from selling premiums on the input side and minimizing the amount they pay out in claims on the output side.  And they make a significant amount of profits, enough to hire the best professional football stars to represent them on Super Bowl advertisements costing millions.

Therefore, the insurance companies have unlimited resources to defend your claim against their insured.  And they will use those resources in any way they can to minimize the amount paid on your claim.  It is just business to them.  And, as shown above, business is pretty good.

Thus, YOU are the only one that stands against the Goliath of the insurance industry and the unlimited resources at its disposal.

WE are here to help you stand up to this Goliath by helping you navigate the uncertain waters of personal injury law and the civil court system.

OUR goal is to take away the stress, confusion, and anxiety dealing with the insurance companies at a time when your body needs proper physical and mental rehabilitation for your injuries without any additional distractions.

Your main focus should be to get back to the best physical and mental condition by following the care of your physicians.

Let US handle the insurance companies and their unlimited resources. Let US help you through this traumatic time in your life.

Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you during your most vulnerable time. Contact Luke for immediate and dependable help.


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“Do not let the insurance companies take advantage of you during your most vulnerable time.  Contact Luke Puszynski, your personal injury attorney for immediate and dependable help.”

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