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wrongful death lawyer denverWrongful death is a claim for an individual’s untimely and unnecessary death because of the negligence of an at fault party.

Wrongful death can occur as a result of numerous events, including but not limited to car accidents, construction site accidents, slip and fall accidents, or even because of the neglect in care by a nursing home facility.

The most important goal of a wrongful death attorney is to attain appropriate compensation for the loss suffered by the survivors and beneficiaries, to help with their future financial security.

For you, the survivors, the time after a sudden and unnecessary loss should be reserved for the grieving period.

During the grieving period, your attention should not be distracted by immediate decisions on how to proceed with a prompt investigation of the wrongful death claim, and the need to timely preserve evidence, interview relevant witnesses, and identify the responsible parties.

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You have much more important things to deal with at this time.

Let an experienced wrongful death attorney help you make the best decisions possible with respect to how to proceed with your wrongful death claim so you can focus on more important matters.

Luke is an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Denver, CO and will utilize his extensive experience in negligence and wrongful death law to help you understand and navigate through the complexities of a wrongful death claim.

Here, at the Law Practice of Luke Puszynski, LLC, we will help you put your life back together after experiencing a tragic and unnecessary loss.

We specialize in personal injury and negligence law, with wrongful death claims being one of our specialties.  We have successfully settled and litigated many wrongful death cases.

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Damages You Can Recover

Each case varies in the amount that a claimant can recover for a wrongful death claim.   Keep in mind that Colorado law ONLY allows monetary compensation for wrongful death claims.  There is no other way for a survivor to be fairly compensated under the law.

Under Colorado law, a survivor is allowed to recover any of the following applicable damages:

  • Grief, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and emotional stress
  • Wages and other compensation that the deceased would likely have provided
  • Medical and emergency care expenses related to the deceased’s final injury
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Potential for exemplary or punitive damages depending on actions of the at fault party

Unfortunately, under Colorado law, there are caps or limitations that a survivor can recover for certain damages, such as grief and pain and suffering.  These caps were implemented as part of a massive tort reform movement that spread across the United States many decades ago.

However, an experienced wrongful death attorney will provide the guidance needed to figure out the appropriate amount required for the financial security of the reliant survivors.

Let Luke utilize his extensive experience in settling and litigating wrongful death cases to help you provide security for yourself and your family after and unfortunate and unnecessary loss.

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