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Denver spinal cord injury attorneyIf you or a loved one have experienced a brain or spinal cord injury, you understand the physical and mental trauma associated with such a devastating injury, so call a spinal cord injury attorney.

Brain and spinal cord injuries are typically the most debilitating injuries that someone can suffer as a result of an accident.

Your brain and spinal cord are part of the nervous system and control the functions of your entire body. Any significant injury to either could potentially result in paralysis, major cognitive problems, or even death.

Typically, these injuries are permanent and the injured person will have to adapt to their new way of life. In some extreme instances, injured people have had to re-learn doing even the most routine actions, such as gripping a pen, tying their shoes, or even speaking and writing.

Injuries to your brain or spinal cord can forever change your life. Make sure a trained medical specialist properly diagnoses and treats all of your symptoms and injuries.

Here, at the Law Practice of Luke Puszynski, LLC, your Denver spinal cord injury attorney we have extensive experience in dealing with severe brain and spinal cord injuries. We will help you or a loved one through this traumatic time by directing you towards the most qualified medical professionals.

We will make sure that your or a loved one’s injuries are properly diagnosed and treated so you or a loved one will have the hope of attaining the best recovery possible.

At a traumatic time as this, let us help you deal with the pressure from the insurance companies, wanting to settle right away for an unreasonably low and unlawful amount.

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Critical Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms

Some people who are injured in an accident do not fully understand that their newly developed symptoms are the result of an injury to their spinal cord area.

If you or a loved one suffer from weakness in the hands or legs, sometimes resulting in you or a loved one dropping items, that is a radicular symptom caused by physical trauma to the spinal cord area, be it the cervical or lumbar spine.

Other radicular symptoms associated with an injury to the spinal cord area would be numbness – constant or sporadic – in the arms and hands or legs and feet or shooting pain going down the upper or lower extremities.

Any of these symptoms should be immediately diagnosed by a medical professional specializing in orthopedics or neurology.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are commonly referred to as concussions and have been in the news lately because of the exposure by former and current professional football players.

The types of concussions that football players suffer sometimes pale in comparison to what happens to a person’s brain when the head is slammed against a headrest or side window with enough force to break the window.

Those kinds of blows are similar to suffering several cumulative minor concussions, like those experienced by football players.  And it is these football players – who have suffered several cumulative concussions – that have been found to have developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) over time.

Because CTE cannot be diagnosed in living patients, we have only seen evidence of CTE in former football players who have dedicated their brains to medicine.  And the ones that have dedicated their brains, CTE is almost always discovered.

Researchers anticipate being able to diagnosis CTE in living patients in five years.

The recent movie Concussion told the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, who authored a report linking CTE to multiple concussions suffered in former football players.

Read the full report on CTE here.

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Here, at the Law Practice of Luke Puszynski, LLC, we specialize in handling cases involving brain and spinal cord injuries.

We have learned the relevant and current medicine regarding these types of injuries through years of education from numerous sources, mainly meeting and learning from the most qualified doctors regarding these specific injuries.

If you or a loved on have suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, call us right now at (303) 501-5016 and speak directly with Denver spinal cord injury attorney Luke or fill out the Free Case Evaluation form on the right and he will guide you and your family through this extremely difficult time.

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