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Pedestrian accidents often result in the most catastrophic injuries.  When a car, truck, or other vehicle hits a pedestrian, all of the energy from that impact is transferred into the body of the pedestrian.  As tough as our bodies are, they do not compare in strength to the metal cage of a car.

Regardless of whether you were injured as a result of a fender bender or a catastrophic crash, as a Colorado personal injury lawyer we can help you deal with the insurance company so you can focus more importantly on your physical and mental recovery.

Until a person personally experiences an injury as a pedestrian and all of the suffering and life-altering changes, a person cannot really understand the trauma associated with months or even years of recovery, sometimes requiring surgical intervention.

Here, at the Law Practice of Luke Puszynski, LLC, your Colorado personal injury lawyer we will help you try to put your life back together.

We understand what an injured person goes through because we have represented hundreds of clients and we walk in their shoes everyday.  Their case is our case.  They are part of the LPLP family.

We specialize in personal injury law, with pedestrian accidents being one of our main practice areas.  We have successfully settled and litigated many pedestrian accident cases.

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Damages You Can Recover

Each case varies in the amount that a person can recover for their claim.

Keep in mind that Colorado law ONLY allows monetary compensation for personal injury claims.

There is no other way for an injured person to be fairly compensated under the law.  You cannot force the at-fault party to become a personal attendant to the injured person until recovery.

Under Colorado law, a person injured as a pedestrian is allowed to recover any of the following applicable damages:

  • past and future medical expenses
  • past and future wage loss
  • pain and suffering
  • mental stress
  • inconvenience
  • impairment to the quality of life
  • physical impairment
  • physical disfigurement

Each of these damages has to be given an appropriate monetary value of compensation to equal the harm caused.

Unfortunately, the only damages that can be easily calculated are the past and future medical expenses and wage loss because there is billing for each medical provider and a monetary amount for work time lost.

The other category of damages are harder to quantify but experienced litigation attorneys have helpful ways of presenting these injuries to a jury and guiding the jury to a reasonable amount for each harm.

The only way that justice can be served under Colorado law is for all of the harms caused to you to be equally balanced by a reasonable monetary amount of compensation.

Only then will the balance of justice be fully restored.

Let Luke utilize his extensive experience in settling and litigating pedestrian accident cases to help you recover the appropriate amount for you for all of your harms.

Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you during your most vulnerable time. Contact Luke your Colorado personal injury lawyer for immediate and dependable help.

Pedestrian Accidents June 22, 2016